Did you know?

Manufactured from high quality LLDPE.  As used in food processing environments.

Material and design, prevents bacteria growth.

Designed to be easily cleaned and disinfected, as material is non-absorbent.

Fully UV resistant

Super efficient high quality pump immediately transfers grey water to your garden, with no risk of overflowing or spillage!




Managing Director

Sheldon has developed multiple solutions to complex water based problems. With twenty years of innovative answers to sophisticated challenges as a foundation, this latest offering is proving to be a winner from all angles. He is pleased to introduce The Little Grey Box.




Operations Manager

Jason is the member of the team that “makes things happen”. Any concept that needs implementing in multiple disciplines always rests on his shoulders. He is the field marshall of productive outcomes.

The Little Grey Box is a portable grey water system.

What is grey water? Grey water for the application of a grey water system, is the waste water from your bath, shower, basin and washing machine.  The dish washer and sink are also classed as grey water points, but aren’t recommended for use due to the high levels of bacteria.  Your toilet waste water is classed as black water.