What is Grey Water?

Grey water is water obtained from your Bath/Basin/Shower and washing machines.This water is the only safe greywater to use.

Can I Install the System myself?

Yes, however you would need to have some basic hands on skill, simple tooling and a general understanding of your homes plumbing waste system.  To ensure that the correct outlets are connected into The Little Grey Box.

Will Grey water damage my lawn?

Phosphate and boron build up from soaps, only became a danger, if you water your garden in one place continuously over a long period of time.  Simply moving your sprinkler and ensuring that your detergents are low phosphate, will maximise the benefits of The Little Grey Box and keep your garden green and healthy.

Can you store grey water for a long period of time?

Grey water should not be stored for more than  24 hours at a time.

How do I clean my grey water box?

Cleaning your grey water box is simple and requires using clean water to rinse the unit and a very soft brush to brush away any sediment from corners and crevices. You can add a little (300 ml) white vinegar to the clean water from a hose and let it settle in your unit for 30 minutes before pumping it out. This will not damage your garden in such a small amount.

How often must I clean my grey water system?

This factor depends on how big your household is and is easily determined by a simple inspection. Inspect your unit thoroughly once a week after installation and you will be able to gauge how regularly you will have to clean it from those inspections.

How much money will this unit save me?

The best way to calculate the money you can save on watering your garden is by working out how much you use as a household currently. The average household uses 57% of all its water on irrigation.